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We can’t get enough of our pearls — ethereal, delicate, lustrous; each of our pieces has a glow all its own. Now that you’ve been matched with your very own Maris pieces, or if you’re coming here in the company of your own already established pearl collection, we’re happy to share our tips and tricks on how to preserve your pearls. We’ve prepared a pinnable guide for you here:

Diving deeper, pearls get their from-within glow from their nacre, which is made up of thousands of the thinnest layers of organic material from the mollusks they form in. The reason why our pearls glow more than pearls you may have seen is because we hand-select each and every one to ensure that they meet our magical standard. 

Although nacre is strong, it is susceptible to damage from the chemicals and oils in products like hairspray, shampoo and perfume. To avoid damaging your pearls and to prolong the life of your jewelry, put them on as the last step of your beauty ritual in the morning and remove them before you shower at night.

We wear our pearls every day, and living in Hawaii as we do, that means sometimes we forget and wear them in the ocean, too. To refresh your pearls, simply wipe them gently with a damp cloth and let them dry completely before putting them away.

For a more thorough clean, prepare a bath for your pearls by combining a few drops of gentle, natural soap in a bowl of lukewarm water. Submerge a soft cloth, and rub gently. Avoid using any kind of jewelry cleaner, abrasives, steamers or toothbrushes on your pearls, regardless of what you read online!

Nothing makes us sadder than a pearl with damaged nacre, so we take care to store our pearls in our organic cotton bags — that is, when we take them off, which in the case of the Sailors is essentially never.

Most importantly, please don’t reserve your MARIS pieces for special occasions. Our pearls love to be worn, gaining luster from the natural warmth and oils from your skin.

So play in your pearls, muses. We certainly do! 

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